Living from you music activities is really not easy, and as a professional musician for more than 10 years, i can say you never know if it’s going to work the year after, or even 6 month after… So some times ago i discovered and began to write music for some RF libraries and had some success with it. But it was really a hard competition and  sometimes a track i thought really nice was just on the frontpage for some minutes and then disappeared for ever in the jungle (!) and never sells as i think it should … If you didn’t have immediat visibility and sells it was pushed to the darkness and all your work was just useless… Very frustrating !

So two years ago i decided to create my own royalty free site, and try to make it known enough to have nice result and don’t depend of another market choices and random sells… and after a lot of work my Music in Cloud Royalty Free Music store was born !
I first worked with wordpress thinking it was the perfect tool to make a ecommerce site, but unfortunatly with the multilanguage option that i wanted it never worked as it should. So i finally changed for Open Cart, and after also a LOT of work to understand how it works i finally succeed to do an efficient web site…

If you don’t understand what Royalty Free Music is, it’s quite simple, it music that you licence depending on the use you will make. What you have to understand is that video platform can put advertisement on your videos or even block them if you use music that are copyrighted. With Royalty Free Music, once you paid the licence you won’t have any other fees, and any problems on platform like youtube or vimeo etc. So it’s an simple and great way to have nice music with a small budget and without all the copyright headache… So a lot of people are now looking for this kind of music… For more information read this post: What is royalty free music ?

So for two years now i’m in this very interesting experience where you can compose anything you want, trying to make something “sellable” but also having a lot of fun in the style that you decided, for instance: Music_notation

Also i learned a lot about composing, finding the best vsti instrument for my brand new cubase 8, and making the more realistic sounds…
In English there is a lot of site, and i’m working also with a great one, listen to my catalog on Premium Beat … But in France there is not so many site so i got some more visibility… This is why i write this post in english, to motivate my english visitors to discover my music on MusicInCloud :)

Enjoy & keep in touch !

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